KR4 - Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles £64.00 per Sqm

KR4 – Reclaimed Terracotta Tiles £64.00 per Sqm

KR4 – 19 x 75 x 300 mm ….. 44 Pcs / Sqm

Price: £64.00 per Sqm

Description: Our more unusual Terracotta Tile, the KR4 is a long thin Tile that offers a number of options in terms of flooring patterns. Often this Tile when laid amounts to incredibly striking and geometric flooring surfaces bringing a real sense of boldness to an interior space. For those looking to create a focal point within an interior using flooring, this Terracotta Tile is the perfect choice.

As with all of our Reclaimed Flooring, colour, tone and surface vary subtly from Tile to Tile meaning that the final floor will not have the uniformity of a new floor, exuding all the character and charm expected from a Reclaimed material.

This particular Tile is incredibly adaptable and versatile in terms of the kinds of spaces that it can occupy, working beautifully in both traditional and contemporary contexts. The geometric feel that this flooring has when laid really means that it can be utilised within less traditional spaces, whilst also having an incredibly classical quality to it reminiscent of the kinds of floors that can be found in Andalusian Palaces in the South of Spain or Chateaux’s in the South of France. As with all of our Reclaimed Terracotta and Brick Tiles, these Reclaimed Tiles are perfectly suitable over underfloor heating and for fireplaces.

For laying Guidelines, and a selection of sealant products suitable for the Terracotta Floor Tiles, see our Lay & Seal page.

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