Reclaimed Terracotta Floor Tiles & Brick Flooring

At Charles Howey Reclaimed Flooring we import Brick Tiles, Terracotta Tiles and Stone Flooring from all over Europe. We have also developed a range of Eco-Friendly Floor Sealers and Cleaners that work perfectly with our products and other Terracotta, Brick & Stone Flooring. We pride ourselves on working with purely reclaimed materials and most of our products maintain their original patina.

We have our own designated re-cycling facility, where we reclaim, clean & up-cycle many different building materials. We also work very closely with other like-minded organisations in other European Countries to provide an extensive range of hard flooring products. The processes that we utilise for the cleaning and preparing of our floors involve blasting, vibrating and washing techniques that do not utilise chemicals or detergents. This allows our Tiles to be laid without the fear of effluence rising from the Tile at a later date. At all stages of reclamation, we try to minimise our effect on the environment and the community. We do not reclaim from historically important buildings but mainly from barns and homes where demolition is usually the only option.

We sympathetically re-process many different building materials in such a way that modern techniques such as underfloor heating & screeds, work extremely efficiently with our Terracotta & Brick Tiles. This also means that because we have Tiles and Stones that range from 15mm to 30mm in thickness, as all our Brick Tiles are sliced from reclaimed Bricks, our floors are very suitable for period properties, where headroom is limited.

Terracotta Tiles and Bricks have been known as great storers and conductors of heat for many centuries. 20th century man put bricks in his night-storage heaters, the Victorians and Edwardians put heated bricks between their sheets to warm their beds and the Greeks and Romans laid Terracotta Tiles over heated water channels as an early form of under-floor heating. It is only in the last decades or so that we have decided to take a leaf out of history and to start using Terracotta Tiles again for one of the reasons that they were first designed. Due to modern techniques in heating, Terracotta Tiles are making quite a resurgence as they are one of the best slow releasers of heat that can be laid on a floor.

Whether laid using modern grouts and adhesives, a mortar or even lime mortar our Tiles will look beautiful within either a period or contemporary interior. Through the many projects that we have undertaken over the last few years, whether laid in Churches, Restaurants, Pubs or Homes, our floors add a foundation and a quality that will last a life-time and increase the capital value of a building. Our Reclaimed Floors do not deteriorate over time, if anything, they improve.

For more information on our range of Reclaimed Floors, peruse this website and contact us by e-mail or telephone with any questions.

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