Our Reclaimed Pale Terracotta Tiles have been sourced from South Eastern Europe and have a Mediterranean feel to them, whether sourced from the Black Sea area or the Adriatic, the clay has a bleached, light look to it.

These Reclaimed Pale Terracotta Tiles have been up-cycled from roof tiles dating back to the mid 19th century. Cleaned using purely high pressure washes and abrasive processes, they are now suitable for either internal or external floors.

Strong and durable, these tiles can be laid in many different environments and no two tiles are exactly the same, with natural colour and pattern variations, ranging from white through creams, light yellows and pinks.

For warmer climates, Reclaimed Pale Terracotta Tiles help to keep a room cool, but also work incredibly well with underfloor heating systems.

For more information regarding our range of Reclaimed Terracotta Tile Flooring, please feel free to contact us further.

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