Q: How old are the tiles?

A. 100 – 200 years old.

Q. Where do the tiles come from?

A. Mainly from Poland & Serbia but we also take from France & Hungary and occasionally other countries.

Q. Do the tiles need to be sealed?

A. Yes, this is very important. A good sealer needs to be used when laying.

Q. Do the tiles need sealing regularly?

A. No, if a good sealer is used initially. This should last indefinitely, though a top up may be required in heavily worn areas.

Q. Are the tiles suitable for use in a wet-room?

A. Yes, if laid correctly.

Q. Are the tiles suitable for outside?

A. Yes. However, they need to be laid on a concrete bed and not on sand or earth.

Q. Is the reclaiming of the tiles carried out sympathetically?

A. We take every care to make sure that none of the products come from historically important buildings.

Q. Is the reclaiming of the tiles ecological?

A. We think so. We use no acids or astringents in our reclaiming or cleaning of the tiles and much of the work is carried out by hand.

Q. Do terracotta & brick tiles work well with underfloor heating?

A. Yes, very well. Clay products were used over underfloor heating by the Romans and terracotta items have been discovered that date back to 1950BC (4,000 years ago).

Q. What is the best way to lay reclaimed terracotta tiles, brick tiles and limestone flooring?

A. Visit our “Laying Guidelines” page.

Q. How do I clean the floor?

A. We have found over time that the best method is a non-abrasive detergent and a string mop & bucket. However, there are now small, modern steam cleaners that are labour saving and very effective at a relatively low cost.
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